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I'm trying to get all of 'em...eventually



Full name: Ryuuen Chou

Seishi Symbol: Yanagi
Birthdate: March 10 
Age: 18
Blood Type:B
Height: 166cm ~ 5'5"
Born: Eiyou (Capital of Konan)
Family: Mother, Father, Rokou, Kourin
Ability: Super Human Strength
Seiyuu: Sakamoto Chika

Reason 4 corssdressing: When he was 10, he had a little sister who he was very close to. Sadly, she died by getting run over by a horse ( i know it sounds funny but it's sad). People tryed to convince him that she was gone, but he wouldn't accept it so he descided to her her "live through him".



Name: Fisheye
Age: Unknown (I'd say 18...ish?)
BDay: Unknown
Ability(s): Throwing knives and...balancing on a ball...
Seiyuu:  Ishida Akira
Other Stuff: He's a member of the amazon trio in Sailor Moon. Yes, he's one of the bad guys, but he's not really that evil. He falls in love with Mamoru, but gets rejected*sniffelsob*. He also finds out that he's a fish...go figure. He gets pretty emotional.



Name: Ziosite
Age: Unknown (maybe 20...?)
Other Stuff: Man! These SM chars sure do keep their personal stuffs to themselves! I got nothing here! Well, he loved Malicite (did I spell that right?) so they turned him into a girl in the english version. I wouldn't actually say that he's a crossdresser, but they made him a girl and due to lack of people on the page, why not? He worked for Queen Beryl and got killed. His quest was to find the remenants of the Rainbow Crystal.



Well, I don't know anything about him...HELP! I know that he's from Power Stone (I've only watched it..once?) and he's in love with Fokker. He's Ayame's older brother.